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Grow your business with the use of the power of technology and Innovation. Fyra helps you to automate time-consuming tasks and focus on your business growth with our powerful e-commerce platform for businesses in India. Fyra Insights wants to bring a revolution for small business owners. We have our Progressive Web Application (PWA) solutions or business owners can have their business Applications on Google Playstore and create their brand. They can manage their daily orders and register an online presence of business in today’s Digital World.


Fyra Insights offers order management software named Passerby for small businesses of various sectors in India. We made it easy to grow your business online with our topnotch e-commerce platform, Passerby Business which is made in India.

Our business solution helps you to establish your business online with our PWA solutions and Personalized app for brands in Google Play Store. Through our solutions, you can easily access daily reports, business insights etc. We provide telecalling, delivery & marketing support to expand your business.

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